Friday, July 4, 2014

Stay away from MetaTrader 4 and, or 5

It's not only strange, but devastating -- why 90-95% or most of the brokers are offering only MT4/5 platforms which does not allow merging multiple positions and, or partial close; then what's the use of offering a facility for so called hedging (allowing multiple positions on same instrument in opposite directions)?

Though I'm seasoned trader (programmer indeed), but I could not find enough of a time to fully explore MT4/5 Platforms. Moreover, on searching MT4/5 Forums, Internet and even asking a few renowned brokers I could not find any legitimate or satisfactory answers to, "How do we merge multiple/hedged positions, all buys or sells of a pair?" or, "Can we close (buy/sell) part of an open position?".

Moreover, nobody ever asked for these facilities till yet, which, IMHO, are the most important functions or features any good enough trading platform must provide.

Seems, most of the the brokers concentrate, but more on the tactics for robbing off traders' time, effort and money. Whereas, there also exist good enough brokers who even do not charge commissions on merging opposite positions, just because you yourself are a buyer and seller for that volume, trade and, or transaction.

INFO: We are sure, you will/can lose all your money using mobile devices; please don't place your bids and, or bet your money either on free tips or signals or merely on guess work or speculation; you should know -- what you're doing as well as why market experts developed the analytic tools?

NOTICE: If your existing broker is unable to provide you good enough tools, trading environment -- merge hedged/multiple positions, merge selected, partial close, close selected, server side stop-loss and take-profit triggers or a nice, portable and programmable platform he either is not a broker at all or definitely is a fraud.

WARNING: Stay away from MetaTrader 4 and 5 or any such platform which does not allow you to merge multiple positions, partial close, but offers opening positions in opposite directions on same instrument for so called hedging.

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Anonymous said...

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